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I feel so deeply grateful for the help and resources I have received from the Women's Shelter. I applaud and thank all the staff for their love, kindness, help and support. Thank you for being there when I needed someone and a place to stay. 

-Former client of the YWCA Westman Women's Shelter

Why Should You Support the YWCA
Our services at our facilities are essential to this community. The people we serve have nowhere else to go. Their situations are most often the result of unfortunate circumstances. Many have been subjected to violence, abuse and neglect from which recovery is difficult. A number of our clients have mental health concerns and many have never had a chance to live anywhere that is stable, safe and supportive. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes and that is what we provide. We give people another chance at life and encourage them to take on new challenges while they have a supportive place to call home. 

How Are We Funded
YWCA Westman Women's Shelter
Our shelter receives a combination of per diems and core funding from the province of Manitoba. This funding covers approximately 80% of the operating costs, the remainder comes from various grants and community donations. 

Why We Need Your Help
Funding received through the government has not changed significantly in many years. Become a community supporter of the YWCA Brandon and help us in our work to eliminate family violence. Be a part of the solution, contact us for sponsorship details today.

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