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YWCA Brandon

148-11th street

Brandon, Manitoba

R7A 4J4

P: 204-571-3680    F: 204-571-3687

YWCA Brandon

Board of Directors 2022


Candice Waddell-Henowitch, President


Stephanie Will, Treasurer

Archana Krishnan, Secretary

Alexandra Paiva, Board Director

Alix Councill, Board Director

Kris Docherty, Board Director

Joy Escalera, Board Director

Jessica Burton, Board Director

Alisha Levesque, Board Director


Jan Damery, Interim Executive Director

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 Message from the President

2020 was like no other year. When I accepted the appointment of Chair to the Board of Directors, I could never have predicted the unprecedented year we had ahead. YWCA Brandon, through much adversity found strength in each other. Like many non-profits that felt the impacts of COVID-19, we gathered to manage emergent issues and spent time developing strategies to ensure we could provide continuous services and support, consistently.

Our people are the backbone.

The staff at the Westman Women’s Shelter and Meredith Place have worked long hours, took on extra responsibilities, and were faced with new situations that activated their response to pivot to continue serving the Westman community. To the Board of Director volunteers, a group of strong, determined, warrior womxn; I thank you for your advocacy and teamwork through turbulent times. Executive Director, Heather Symbalisty has worked tirelessly and is the true embodiment of a fearless leader. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank you as well. From our volunteers, part-time staff to our shelter managers, each staff of YWCA Brandon deserves my deepest gratitude and thank-you for the hard work.

Our donors and the Westman community spread the love. We experienced tremendous support from our donors in place of our annual fundraising events that had to be postponed. The Women of Distinction event was postponed, and our Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event had the same fate. We however, pivoted our efforts and launched our first, virtual run fundraiser the Keeping Spirits Bright campaign that reach record-high donations of over $17,000.00. The love received has filled hearts of the individuals we serve.

I know the YWCA Brandon will meet hardships in the coming months and years but through these challenging times I know we have the strength to break barriers and be the best we can be. As we approach spring, we know we are here as womxn supporting womxn.


Much Love,


Kristin Jette, Chair

Kristin Jette.jpg

YWCA Brandon Housing



                                                             Meredith Place Transitional Residence                                                                              

                                                                            YWCA Meredith Place is a 24 hours co-ed facility                                                                                        Housing 21 individuals. Transitional housing and

                                                                            Supervised care is offered to a wide variety of clients

                                                                            In need of safe, supportive, and affordable housing.

                                                                            The residents of Meredith Place are provided with

                                                                            Meals, support, information, and referrals to assist

                                                                            Them to acquire skills needed to move to their

                                                                            Personal level of independence. A Case Manager

                                                                            Works one-on-one with the residents to support

                                                                            Them in achieving their goals.


                                                                  YWCA Emergency Family Units

The YWCA Brandon offers short term emergency housing for   women, men, and their children. The units, located on the lower level at YWCA Meredith Place, have been operational since 2006. They offer women, men and their families a place of residence until suitable, affordable housing can be obtained.


YWCA Westman Women’s Shelter

The YWCA Westman Women’s Shelter provides safe, emergency shelter for women and their children who are at risk due to relationship violence. The Shelter is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has space for up to 24 women and children. The shelter offers secure accommodation, individual and group counselling to women and children, non-residential counselling, follow-up support, children’s programs, and public education. They also operate a 24 hour crisis line for people experiencing abuse in their community.

Support services allow opportunities for women to make informed decisions about their future, while counselling services assist victims coping and healing from the effects of abuse.

MP Room.png
WWS room.png
WWS lounge.png

YWCA Westman Women’s Shelter’s Programs and Services

Non-Residential Services

We provide short-term support services for women in the community who are experiencing abuse who choose not to enter the shelter. Services include groups and outings to encourage growth, counselling to assist in learning and recognizing abusive behaviors. Safety planning, self-esteem and identity are also explored.


Public Education


A Counsellor is available to the community to provide the Westman area with information concerning family violence. Please contact the YWCA Westman Women’s Shelter at 204-727-3644 if you would like to request information, services or presentations for your business, classroom, non-profit organization or event.


Follow-Up Program

Provides assistance to former residential clients of the shelter who have left abusive relationships and are living on their own in the community. The program helps them to plan long-term and make on-going changes towards an independent lifestyle and the development of non-abusive, reciprocal relationships. Follow-up services ensure a continuum of supports are available to women after the crisis stage has passed and as they re-establish their families in the community.



Support Groups are held twice a month for those wanting to learn more about healthy relationship styles. Sharing Groups are also held twice a month and allow for women to share their stories, form new friendships and support from one another. Other groups include:


Triple P Positive Parenting

A Practical approach to raising children that emphasizes nurturing relationships, and

positive communication, in a loving supportive family setting.



Anger Solutions

Provides proven strategies for effectively resolving anger and taking control of your emotions.



Children’s Program


Provides in-house and follow-up support

to children who have witnessed abuse. The program follows a Hands Are For… model and is filled with fun and play. It is a preventive/intervention program that teaches healthy relationships and anger expression in order to break the cycle of family violence.






The YWCA Women of Distinction Awards Gala

has been held since 1985 to honor women of

the Brandon, Westman, and Parkland regions.

This prestigious award recognizes women for

their individual achievements, outstanding

presence as role models to other women and

girls, and their significant contributions to the

well-being of the community at large.                                              

In 2019 we had 17 women and 3 young women

nominated for this honour.


      The Award Categories are as follows:

         The YWCA Women of Distinction

                 Leadership in Business

                       Arts & Culture


       Social Action & Community Service

                Excellence in Education

     Healthy Living, Wellness & Recreation

                 Lifetime Achievement

            Youth Award (16-21 Years)

          Young Woman (22-29 Years)

      Junior Youth Award (10-15 Years)

      Nominate a woman you know for a

   YWCA Women of Distinction Award!

                                                             Keeping Spirits Bright

                                                                    Every donation received to the Westman Women's

                                                          Shelter in the months of November and December

                                                          goes towards a string of lights to hang on our tree

                                                             to support women’s programs. Become a sponsor and

                                                                         help light the tree to fight violence against women.                                                                                     

                                                                           In 2020 we added a very successful Virtual Run to                                                                                           Keeping Spirits Bright. We are excited to continue                                                                             this portion of the campaign in 2021.

KSB tree.jpg

Selected Financial Information for the YWCA Brandon and the Westman Women's Shelter

For the Year Ended 2020


Total Cash & Investments


Other Assets

Capital Assets


Accounts Payable

Unearned & deferred contributions

Deferred Contributions - Capital

Net Assets

Invested in Capital Assets

Family Violence Prevention

Internally restricted




  Government Grants

  Other grants & United Way

  Program Fees


  Events & fundraising

  Realized contributions



  Building improvement & repairs

  Program expenses

  Fundraising expenses


  Capital expenses

Net surplus

YWCA Brandon

           2020                      2019


   $    231,160             $   178,059

           85,918                    67,580

              2,893                     1,846

          580,408                 586,720____

   $     900,379            $   834,205____


   $       30,701             $    38,552

            15,166                   16,520

          151,950                 174,849____

    $    197,817             $  229,921____



    $    428,458              $  411,871

            50,107                    46,811

            58,457                    43,715

          165,540                  101,887___

     $   702,562              $  604,284___

     $   900,379              $  834,205___



     $  105,178                $   96,325

           87,330                     85,056

         304,768                   391,698

         154,687                     35,740

             2,950                   141,444

           22,899                     22,899___

     $  677,812                $ 773,162___

     $    30,747                 $   69,136

           26,504                      21,648

         469,583                    471,225

                118                      79,010

           19,858                      21,196

           32,725                      11,216___

     $  579,535                  $  673,431__


     $    98,277                  $    99,731__

    YWCA Westman Women's Shelter

          2020                     2019

   $     409,679            $  241,316

           29,857                  51,859

             2,893                    5,317

           36,343              37,213______

    $    478,881            $  335,525 ___

    $      77,247            $   78,490

           121,175              142,350

                      0                        0_____

    $      198,422          $  220,840_____

    $        36,343             $    37,213

              106,052                   49,378

                         0                            0 

               138,064                   28,094____

     $        280,459            $   114,685____

     $        478,881            $   335,525____




 $     526,326               $    535,726

          94,787                         4,953

        109,447                     148,399

          87,552                       26,643

            1,200                                0

                   0                                0______

   $   819,312                $   715,721           

   $     39,818                 $    44,717

                   0                                0

         594,556                     644,686

                    0                                0

             3,871                         3,721                       15,295                         4,389_____

    $    653,540               $   697,513_____

    $    165,772               $     18,208_____

*YWCA Brandon recently changed accounting practices as well as received a large one time anonymous donations due to Covid-19*

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